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May 1, 2017

Covered on this episode: Police called to England's fattest town after a Dominos giveaway causes mayhem.  
A Seattle woman gets funny money from an ATM.  
Man driving a van with 'Drugs' written on the side is arrested for selling 'Drugs'.  
A Florida man worried about zombies breaks into home.  
A postman confiscates a water-pistol from a gang of 5 year olds.  
A man puts poop under a neighbor's door to shut them up.
Silicon Valley invested $120,000,000 in a $400 juicer that does what you can do with your own hands.  
A man sets fire to his underwear in a Walmart bathroom.
Another soccer player penalized for farting.  

And much much more!  All this and more on this FIRST episode of WEIRD!

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