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Jun 26, 2017

On this episode we discuss a Scooby Snax Mix-up, a thieving e-cig,  Amazon’s new patent, lazy teens,  a mousetrap failure, and more!

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Links to this episode’s stories:

Parents in trouble after ‘Scooby-Snacks’ mix-up

The e-cig that could steal your files

Amazon patents method to stop window shopping

Lazy Teens are as sluggish as 60 year olds

Florida man’s mousetrap plan fails bigly

12 years later, the cat came home

Snortable Chocolate

Vulture Vomit and Weasel butts

The Secret of Happiness

Toddler pulls loaded gun from toy box at a very bad time

Rodman plays Santa for Kim Jong

Do NOT rob a tattoo artist in Brazil

The Ice Cream Diet

TOP TEN Bizarre Conspiracy theories from Album Covers